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A new plate for proximal humeral fractures

Proximal fractures of the humerus are a frequent and demanding problem to solve by orthopaedic surgeons. Open reduction and internal fixation by anatomical plate with locking screws are nowadays the gold-standard treatment. Below, we present a case treated by a new plate manufactured in CFR peek (30% carbon fiber reinforced peek).
A 70 year old female patient with a four-fragment fracture of the right proximal humerus was treated. A deltoid-pectoral anterior approach was chosen. The fracture was reduced and fixed by using a Diphos H plate. During surgery, the radiographic translucency of the plate allowed a better visualization of the reduction of the fragments, particularly on the axial view.

The plate presented good mechanical resistance to manage the fracture during surgery and provided immediate post-operative stability. The locking screws were found to be reliable with their self tapping properties providing stabilization into the plate holes, and really useful for their polyaxial properties.

The postoperative rehabilitation started the second day after surgery, with the use of a CPM machine. At the second month follow up evaluation the fracture is already showing an advanced healing process, allowing a more aggressive rehabilitation program.

At the early stage of our clinical experience it seems reasonable to affirm that this new osteosynthesis device mantains a ‘state of the art’ healing process and stabilization properties, nevertheless presenting three new clinically useful features:

- translucency at radiographical view;
- polyaxial screws;
- self-tapping locking screws.


R. Rotini, E. Guerra, A. Marinelli, G. Bettelli,
M. Nigrisoli
Shoulder & Elbow Division
Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute
Bologna - Italia 
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