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Lima Ceramic Knee

Our Centre has been focusing on cartilage diseases and disorders for years. The treatment procedures performed have encompassed the most widely used cartilage repair and reconstructive techniques, including perforations, microfracture, OATS and chondrocyte implantation.

In our practice, special attention and care were always given to patients with patologies of limited severity, which would make the use of traditional implants not advisable. When cartilage implants became available they became a solution for these patients. We started using them with great enthusiasm and initially obtained brilliant results in the short term. Unfortunately, patients later exhibited complications during the follow-up with Numerous knee implant solutions have been introducing to the market over the years. Orthopaedic companies have continued to develop innovative designs in an attempt to meet patient needs. Cobalt-chrome-molybdenum (CoCrMo) alloy is currently the most frequently used employed knee implant material on account of its proven characteristics.

Recently, however, with the sharp rise in total knee replacement surgery, new materials like ceramic have been proposed. Many Authors report polyethylene wear as the most frequent cause of aseptic loosening of knee implants, even when correctly placed. Wear particles induce foreign body granuloma that can weaken the bone stock, jeopardising implant stability with the consequence of requiring removal and revision. Other clinical studies report local allergic reactions to certain metal components of the alloys used for the implants. pain and progressive limitation of movement. Their radiographic findings revealed joint deterioration and clear signs of implant loosening. 

Revision surgeries were performed on all 6 cases that had received cartilage implants and a primary total knee replacement was carried out using the Multigen Plus System ceramic femoral component (Lima Corporate).

Currently, all the patients are satisfied with their ceramic implant. None have complained of any discomfort whilst exhibiting a ROM of over 120°. Interestingly, these patients do not perceive their implant as “foreign material” as do 
individuals who have received a metal implant. The Multigen Plus Ceramic Knee comes with the Evolute instrument set, which is extremely versatile and easy to use in our opinion. We valued the Lima system after our first few implants and rapidly became familiar with its use in both primary and simple revision cases. Our collaboration with the Lima Team will achieve secure and reproducible outcomes even in more complex cases.

Dr. V . Miceli
Presidio Ospedaliero Sant’Antonio Abate
Trapani - Italy
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