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Lima USA Inc. is officially on!


Indianapolis, IN, November 28, 2011

Following the path of internationalization
Lima Corporate has eventually found its way to make its “American Dream” real. 
The incubation of the project USA has gone through different ideas, initially thinking about using preexisting partners, then moving to the more challenging and fascinating trail of creating Lima USA directly, reflecting Lima Corporate philosophy. 
Therefore the organization has been defined basing Lima USA Inc. on a few solid pillars: the main logistic structure will be based in Dallas, TX and will care about receiving the products from Italy and sending them over the different US States where and when they will be needed.
On the field, instead of using mere stock distributors, Lima has decided to put its face on the market, fostering brandingSMR andawareness, and has been looking after sales agents who will, in fact, become authentic partners.
The sale strategy will be supported by a net of agents spread upon the different territories, covering from the beginning some determined areas, like for instance the South-East, Texas, California and Nevada. They will not be left on their own, since they will be able to count on the backup from the main Headquarters in Italy, in terms of products information, updates and impulses to keep the momentum.
In order to boost the penetration in the States, Lima will push its most innovative and renowned products: the SMR Shoulder System and the DiPHOS H plate.
The European claim of SMR speaks by itself, it is said to be “always the best option”: in fact it is possible to adapt the system to any different pathology having to deal with. Thanks to its total modularity, SMR allows the surgeon to change scenario also during the operation, permitting him to pursue a step-by-step flexible procedure.
This system is “reversible” too; it is by occurrence feasible to evolve the system following the evolution of the patient’s pathology without performing a revision. For example the surgeon can convert a total shoulder prosthesis to a reverse one keeping in place the humeral stem and the glenoid metal back component, just swapping the humeral body and adding a glenosphere. Introducing the SMR System in the States, Lima would like to replicate the model applied to other countries, as it is been done in Australia and New Zealand, where SMR has become market leader. DiPHOS H, the proximal humeral plate for fracture, is the natural complementary product that Lima wants to launch along with the SMR System. 
After testing the biocompatibility of the materials, even if already used in Orthopedics, Lima designed and introduced DiPHOS H, which is the first application of PEEK in Trauma.
PEEK has excellent mechanical resistance properties and it is inert, its purpose in Trauma is to avoid galvanic corrosion phenomenon, allowing an easy removal. The screws are poliaxial locked self tapping the plate, providing angular stability. In addition Peek is translucent, making possible to easily check the fracture healing. Lima Corporate, in order to support the US strategy, has developed a rich Professional Education program dedicated to American Surgeons and Sales Representatives. 
During 2012 there will take place different activities, like for instance Cadaver Labs and specific SMR Trainings.
During the years there have been created the so called Visitation Centers, a way of introducing the American Surgeons to Lima’s most influential Key Opinion Leaders, including Live Surgeries and a factory tour. This instrument is very valuable in order to transmit Lima’s true spirit and share the commitment to the product development.
Nonetheless, in order to support the American Surgeons who would like to approach to Lima’s world, there will be also organized several visits “on demand” and there will be reserved several places at the Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Course held in Europe.
Lima Corporate has taken on this new stars and stripes challenge, a new demanding market where sales will be pursued by American sales agents, while production and design will remain “made in Italy”. 
The official event that will launch Lima in USA will be the AAOS, February 2012, San Francisco, where all the people will see that SMR in the US is all the opposite than a mirage.
The pride, the high expectations and the awareness of its means will drive Lima to export once again its vision, becoming the best choice for the patient and the surgeon, and with ambition and broad minded view Lima may also dare to moon the giants.

M. Piovani

Business Development Director
Lima Corporate

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