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I’m pleased to announce Lima Corporate acquisition of the UK orthopaedic business, Xpert Orthopaedics Limited.
This acquisition was completed during the first quarter of 2014.

Over the past 4 years Lima Corporate has developed a successful orthopaedic business in the UK via their agents, Xpert Orthopaedics Limited.
This relationship has resulted in the successful growth of both the shoulder and hip portfolio with growth exceeding 40% in 2013 for the SMR shoulder and the Lima TT cup becoming the 3rd most implanted cup in the UK for hip revision surgery. It has also driven double-digit growth and provided Lima Corporate with a stake in the globally important UK market.
During this time, Xpert Orthopaedics has also become a successful business in its own right, with the Merete Bioball product now being used in over 150 hospitals within the UK.
The success of both Lima UK & Xpert Orthopaedics has been due to the strategy employed to link the selling of the Lima & Xpert product ranges. The symbiotic relationship that has been developed between the Merete BioBall & Lima hip revision products has proved to be very successful and has driven the growth of both product ranges for the two companies.
At a more strategic level, Lima Corporate has challenging growth plans, which will be achieved by both organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions of high-growth orthopaedic businesses. Lima Corporate identified Xpert Orthopaedics as such a business that matches the required company profile to reaching the strategic growth target.
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