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The DELTA-TT cup breaks new ground in orthopaedic technology, combining the unique features of the DELTA System with the innovative Trabecular TitaniumTM structure.
The hemispheric Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) design is suitable for uncemented implants, and the diameter is oversized to achieve a perfect press-fit.

The cup is made out of Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) using Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology to produce both the solid material and trabecular structure in the same process.
The innovative Trabecular TitaniumTM structure was developed to maximise the primary stability of the implant and enhance the osteointegration and osteoinduction process. The DELTA-TT cup thus overcomes the constraints caused by the porous coatings of acetabular systems.

The mechanical interlocking between the cup and the acetabulum, enhanced by the high mechanical friction produced by the Trabecular TitaniumTM structure, ensures optimal primary fixation.

Moreover, the modulus of elasticity encourages load transfer at the tissue interface for greater bone regeneration and integration.
Three holes in the cranial area, with removable caps, are designed to accommodate screws when even greater primary stability is required.

Trabecular TitaniumTM represents an innovation that provides for high friction between cup and bone, to encourage bone remodelling and ingrowth. The DELTA-TT cup is therefore the ideal choice for younger aged patients, cases of dysplasia, as well as active older patients with osteoporosis.

Modular options
The DELTA-TT cup can be used with inserts in standard and reticulated Polyethylene, metal and ceramic, with diameters of between 28mm and 40mm, as well as with higher-diameter metal-on-metal and double mobility couplings.
All DELTA acetabular components accommodate inserts in a choice of materials and diameters, and feature tapered couplings designed by Lima in 1978 for greater long-term component stability, and to prevent micromotions that cause back side wear.

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