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EVOLUTE Instrument Set

The EVOLUTE Instrument Set is designed to ensure a reproducible surgical technique which is clear and simple. This ensures a well positioned implant for every patient, whilst allowing for minimal disruption to the soft tissue mechanism.

These ingenious instruments are straightforward for you and your OR team, ensuring a precise, intuitive technique time and time again. They incorporate insightful and unique concepts, whilst allowing a versatile approach to knee replacement, paving the way for every surgeon’s preferred surgical approach.
The same basic instrument set is utilised for the entire Multigen Plus Total Knee System.

Unique features have been incorporated into the knee system, designed by the surgeons and engineers who under stand the challenges of the knee surgery. They have taken these complexities and made them easier to deal with, through one basic instrument set.

With a precision design, compact instrumentation layout and soft tissue friendly cutting blocks, the EVOLUTE Instrument Set offers intuitive primary surgery.

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