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The SMR REVERSE HP System is designed to use the same cemented or cementless stems as the anatomical SMR. The reverse proximal body is available in either an HA coated primary version or a trauma version with a blasted finish and suture holes for remaining soft tissue attachment. Three thicknesses of Cobalt Chrome liners are available to adjust the soft tissue tension as well as a humeral extender for when greater tension is required.

The glenosphere is available in either a standard centred version or an eccentric one which allows the centre of rotation to be placed lower in order to reduce the incidence of notching. These are connected to the metal back baseplate using double ender taper locking technology.

The reverse shoulder design has been further developed to reduce the incidence of notching while preserving the clinically proven biomechanics of reverse shoulders by using cross linked polyethylene on the glenosphere and cobalt chrome on the humeral liner. This can result in the CoCr liner being in contact with the scapula neck in adduction but compared to a polyethylene liner this will not generate poly debris which can lead to osteolysis. Therefore the overall factors that influence the creation of a scapula notch are reduced.

The option to use either 40 mm or 44 mm polyethylene glenospheres allows a greater range of motion and joint stability than smaller glenospheres. The cut away design of the glenosphere combined with the thin titanium alloy baseplate allows these implants to be used in smaller anatomies than a traditionally larger glenosphere.

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