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The REVISION stem is designed to provide a simple and effective solution for complex hip revisions in cases featuring bone loss and abnormal anatomy of the proximal femur.
The modularity of the implant offers the intra-operative versatility required to create custom-made implants and restore biomechanical parameters, so as to achieve the best functional outcome for the patient, irregardless of the situation.
The standard and lateralising modular necks come in 7 heights, offering the freedom to choose the best anteversion or retroversion, and vary the femoral stem offset and length.
The stem and modular neck do not run parallel, enabling the implant to adapt to the morphology of the femur and the proximal anatomy and ensure the satisfactory recovery of joint mobility. The 4° angle between neck and stem can be used to achieve greater surgical valgus-varus orientation or to adapt to the curvature of the femur.
The 1°50’ taper and finned circular cross-section ensure the optimal primary fixation required to achieve uniform and long lasting secondary osteointegration.

The REVISION stem is ideal for femoral revisions featuring major bone loss and abnormal anatomy of the proximal femur. The tapered stem geometry and macro-porous coating ensure excellent implant stability, even in the presence of poor bone stock. Thanks to modularity of the system, it is possible to correct deformities, restore the centre of rotation, adjust muscle tension and respect leg length, thus contributing towards rapid functional recovery.

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