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RSB double threaded screws join the benefits of the traditional double threaded screws together with those of the resorbable material. They are made of copolymer P ( L-DL ) LA, 70:30, whose reabsorption time goes in range from two to four years. Intrinsic capacity of compression, material’s biocompatibility and radiotrasparency make RSB screws the elected synthesis device for corrective surgery of the forefoot as well as carpal scaphoid traumas and traumas close to articulations generally. The instruments set is settled in order to include the use of cannulated taps for both the threads and the insertion with a special torque limiting screwdriver which avoids accidental breakages of the screw during the insertion.


RSB pins are made of copolymer P(L-DL) 70:30, whose reabsorption time goes in range from two to four years. The special drawing with helicoidal profile allows the press-fit introduction of the implant undersizing the guide hole on the bone. They are available in Ø 1,8 mm. and 2,5 mm. and are suitable for the forefoot surgery, for hammer toe correction and in traumatology, in joints proximity and in the osteochondral stabilizations.
Instrument set is essentially made up of the special graduated inserter which allows the implant insertion depth view.

RSB staples are made of copolymer P(L-DL)LA, 70:30 whose reabsorption time goes in range from two to four years. Ø 2 mm. model is suitable in traumatologic indications such as carpal scaphoid fractures or elective indications such as corrections of forefoot deformations with osteotomies type Akin, Wolf,…On the other side, the 3 mm. staple is featured by a special drawing with convergent legs which improves the reduction and congruency of osteotomy rims. Elective applications are not only in medium and backfoot, in corrective osteotomies but also in the child surgery for epiphysiodesis treatment of epiphysiolysis results.

RSB Calcaneo Stop
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