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The ÆQUOS G1 Knee is based on a design innovation that uses the geometry of the articulating surfaces to restore a natural pattern of motion.

The ÆQUOS G1 was designed to recreate the rolling-gliding motion of the healthy knee joint and as a result improve pain-free function, stability and implant durability.

The surface of the CoCr femoral component resembles the anatomy of the natural knee joint. The medial and lateral condyles are offset from one another in both the sagittal and coronal planes.

The UHMWPE insert offers a concave medial plateau and a convex lateral plateau, uniquely designed to restore rolling-gliding motion to the knee. This means that left and right inserts are used. A novel locking mechanism minimises the potential for micro-motion and backside wear.

The symmetrical tibial tray component is made of CoCr and is used with modular stem extensions to optimise fixation.

The UHMWPE patella component is of a round, dome design, implanted with an onlay technique.

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