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The Structure


Trabecular TitaniumTM is a three dimensional, multiplanar, regular, hexagonal cell structure characterized by a high open porosity that imitates the morphology of the trabecular bone1.
This innovative material is made from Titanium, one of the metals mostly used in orthopedics thanks to its unique combination of attributes, as light weight, high biocompatibility and excellent mechanical properties, especially in terms of resistance to fracture and fatigue2. The interconnected geometric structure is created with Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology in a single manufacturing phase. EBM allows the production of titanium (or titanium alloy) components using an extremely high power electron beam that selectively melts the powders and precisely creates any threedimensional design involving either dense or porous parts.
The cell size is optimized for effective osteointegration and designed to ensure adequate mechanical performance.

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